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5-Day Hebrew Challenge

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Hace been learning intermittently for years. My wife’s first language is Hebrew even though we live in the USA. My in laws are native speakers. So, I get some exposure there. Recently, I have been studying Hebrew more intensely as I have completed the Duolingo tree,listen to ocassionally podcasts /you tube material and have read 3/4 of the 1st Harry Potter book in Hebrew. Can understand my in laws a lot better than I used to but have a lot more difficulty with Hebrew media speakers (too fast and I am missing lots of words).


שמחים שאתה איתנו! קריאת ספרים בעברית שאתה כבר מכיר זו דרך מצויינת לתרגל ולשפר את העברית.

Me gusta


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