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5-Day Hebrew Challenge

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שלום שלום

אני Krisman

מ Indonesia, Jakarta

Started to learn Hebrew since last Oct 2021 by taking 10 sessions class with Jean Baptiste Joachim aka JB (a French polyglot) after watching one of PH youtube video.

Just recenty, I have been start reading Torah in Hebrew 2 chapters per day with still very limited aka around 20% comprehension and aiming to reach 80% by next year.

תודה רב, דורון & אלזה🙏

for the insightful PH youtube vides and מזל טוב for this wonderful 5 days challenge club!❤️‍🔥

Elsa - Piece of Hebrew

שלום קריסמן,

נעים להכיר :)

ג'אן בפטיסט חבר טוב שלנו!

הרבה בהצלחה עם העברית ובאתגר!



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