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5-Day Hebrew Challenge

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Hello everyone. I am Youying and I grew up in China. Three years ago I lost my work visa in the US so I moved to Israel alone. As you can guess, my motivation for learning Hebrew wasn't remotely strong. However, I married my Israeli husband earlier this year and now there is no excuse to not learn this cool language seriously. 😉

I have studied in some hipster ulpans in Tel Aviv as well as private online tutors. My biggest issue is that I don't have enough exposure in life - yes you can still lack exposure even if you live in Israel with your Israeli husband because everyone speaks to me in English 😅. My husband like to watch the Kan news which is way too difficult for me to digest and there are only a handful Netflix tv shows in Hebrew. I was so happy when I found Elsa and Doron's channel because there are just so few fun learning materials in Hebrew.

Anyway, I am so excited to join this challenge and I hope it will be fun and helpful. Also I am moving to the US soon and I would love to have a Hebrew learning community to keep me going 💕

Ina Pušnienė

שלום יויינג,

וואו! איזה סיפור!

חייבים להתעקש עם ישראלים לדבר בעברית:) בהתחלה זה קשה ומתסכל, אבל אחר כך זה משתלם!

בהצלחה עם המעבר לארצות הברית!

Mi piace


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